3 Tips for Taking the Perfect Female Headshot

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Have you been wanting to take a female headshot with a professional look? Here are seven useful tips that will help you achieve the best results in your photos. From composition to lighting and makeup, follow these steps for an amazing shot that captures the right mood and energy. Choose Flattering Clothing and Makeup Choosing […]

How to Choose a Professional Corporate Photographer in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Headshot Photographer

Looking for a corporate photographer in Indianapolis to capture your special event? With so many professionals in the area, it can be difficult to know what qualities to look for. This guide will walk you through the necessary qualifications and expertise a successful corporate photographer should have. Ask About Prior Experience. A professional corporate photographer […]

Choosing a Photographer for Professional Headshots

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When it comes to choosing a photographer for professional headshots, there are a few key factors to consider. Whether you’re an actor, musician, business professional, or anyone else looking to make a great first impression, the right photographer can make all the difference. First and foremost, it’s important to look for a photographer with experience […]

What is a Corporate Headshot?

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Corporate headshots are used more and more as online presences continue to grow in importance. It can be to showcase the entire team, senior management, or yourself as a consultant, for example. They are often for the business’ website but are also commonly used elsewhere. But what exactly is a corporate headshot? Corporate Headshots Have […]

10 Reasons Why You Need a New Headshot

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Having a professional headshot is very important in our past-paced world of social media. We have become a very visual society; so first impressions go a long way. Whether you are building your online business network, developing important relationships or looking for a job; your headshot speaks volumes about you. You want your headshot to […]